Central Thoughts is the online journal of the creative and academic work of the HCC Central English department’s faculty and staff. It is published at the end of the fall and spring semesters.

Clocks I once knew by Ranjana Varghese

Clocks I once knew by Ranjana Varghese

Editor: Dr. Ranjana Varghese

With especial gratitude to: Professor Syble Simon, Dr. Genevieve Stevens, Dr. William Harmon, Dr. Alan Ainsworth, Professor Linda Daigle, and all the fantastically talented, enthusiastic, and supportive faculty and staff of the English department. My heartfelt thanks to all the contributors: Dr. Alan Ainsworth, Ms. Jasmine Boone, Ms. Tannaya Brown, Professor Linda Daigle, Dr. Lydia French, Dr. Claire Kageyama-Ramakrishnan, Dr. Sharon Klander, Professor Jack Marshall, Professor Melinda Mejia, Dr. Linda Piper Price, Professor Carla Robinson, Professor Syble Simon, and Dr. Randall Watson. This journal simply would not exist without you.

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