Jasmine Boone.

A Prayer for Young Ladies

Lord, You created me—masterfully in Your image

Every curve of my body, every freckle on my skin

You specifically chose to put in its place.

Each attribute I possess & all the gifts within me

You hand-picked especially for me.

I am so thankful that You love me!

My body is a work of art, &

You are the architect of my beauty.

I know there is a glow that radiates from inside me

A power I possess & project to those around me

You crafted this vessel & dwell within it

Lord, I thank You for all the time You put into me

My mind is a mystery

My will is strong & my perseverance high

No simple creature can easily sway my thoughts

I thank You, Lord, for teaching me my worth.

Lord, use me & place in me a perfect love

Teach me how to be a virtuous woman

A woman of character and value

Build in me a home for the Holy Spirit & delight in it

I pray that my actions will be pleasing in Your sight

Lord, allow me to spread Your goodness

Fill my mouth with Your wisdom, Your wonder

Direct my path so that it will bring You honor

Chasten me & set in me a standard

May my body be a temple for You

Identified by the quality of my actions

Give to me favor in Your eyes

So that I may be tasked with Your good deeds

Place in me a living doctrine

So that I will always have You near

Search me, O Lord, &

Show me which ways that I please You &

What ways I must change to bring You glory

Illuminate my shortcomings so that they may be flushed out

And build on the good foundations You discover within me

Lord, You renew my soul &

Anoint my head with oil in the midst of my enemies

No weapon formed against me shall prosper

As I walk in Your will for my life

Lord, I thank You for Your matchless love

You love me in spite of my faults

And even more than I love myself.


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