Linda Piper Price.



She’s a manly girl

Don’t get me wrong

She’s no man

She has man-size strength

She can lift and tote that bale

Even drive a sixteen-wheel truck

Can’t back it up though

She needs a man for that.




The world is so full of strife

It is as troubled as the time of the Crusades

Cruelty and hatred perpetuated

In the name of God

Won’t write a poem about that

Bliss of love

Beauty of nature

Even breathe

Weightless put mighty




You can get back on schedule

But you can’t make up for what is lost

You match the count

Don’t gain the moment.


I’m back to the land of the living

There’s my son to love

Work to do

Plans to be made.

How could I have felt numb?

My apartment flooded

Moved in a day

Write up damages

Sue the landlord.




A runt

Great Pyrenees

A contradiction

In terms

A guard dog

That runs away

But keeps

The herding instinct.




Anxiety like a rat

Sneaks its way in again

Like thief that it is.


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