Linda Daigle.

Being Linda

When I was a skinny and wimpy little third-grader,

I learned that Linda had surpassed Mary

As the favorite name for little girls.

I found out from my Weekly Reader, a valuable source of information for those who could read well, and I could.

Was it because of Linda Darnell, the beautiful actress?

My parents hated movies, so I don’t think that was it.

Was it because all these little girls were beautiful babies?

I wasn’t beautiful, but I was thrilled.

I thought that with a popular name, I would be popular also.

Quelle disillusionment!

There were so many Lindas that we weren’t noticed at all.

We are legion.

Many Lindas still roam the earth, though they are older and wiser.

Some Lindas still yearn for names with character and originality and beauty:

Adrianna, Arianna, Alexus, Alona, Annatasia, Amy


Damata, Demeara

Emer, Erica,


Kathy, Keisha, Kia, Kiyomy,


Madison, Meridith,

O’trise, Sade,

Tania, Trang,


My English 1302 students, Fall 2014.

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