Stephen Guidry.


Similar in initial impression

Similar in its multi-layered complexity

Similar in their conflicts

And forever linked by the danger

Pain and solitude

Hidden beneath the surface.

Upon first gaze

The obvious intrigues immediately

The fit. The form. The function.

Curiosity piqued

Attention is commanded!

Upon closer inspection

The many layers reveal themselves

Warmth, sensuality, sexuality, intensity,

Sensitivity, intelligence, betrayal, elegance,

Lounging gently behind the aesthetic façade.

As the layers unfold

The many tensions rise

Struggling in a cacophony of conflict

Dueling to have the greatest impact

On the uniqueness of its character

The simple versus the complex

The concrete versus the abstract

The subtle versus the obvious

The sweet versus the bitter

Harmony versus chaos

Right versus wrong

Love versus hate.

All fight to mask

The underlying abyss of danger, pain and solitude

Hidden deep below this symphony of emotion…

This is the essence of art and beauty

This is love!

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